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Horizontal Cylinder Triple Wall Autoclave Fully SS


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Model No. : MN1037-E
Type : Horizontal Cylinder Triple Wall Autoclave (fully SS)
Chamber Volume : 75 ltr./176 ltr./178 ltr./138 ltr./235 ltr./339 ltr./529 ltr
Chamber Size (inches) : 400×600/500×900/550×750/400×1100/500×1200/600×1200/750×1200
Exhaust Pressure : Manual through the exhaust valve sterilizing pressure 1.2 to 2.5kgf/cm² (15 to 35 psi) at 121 °C to 134°C
Working Pressure : 15-35 psi
Pressure Gauge : 0.2.1 kgf/cm2 (60 psi)
Tabular Stand and Supporting Ring : Made of Mild Steel
Pressure vessel, external wall, top lid, tray : SS 304 Grade Stainless steel
Heater Load : 6KW/9 KW/9 KW/6KW/12KW/12KW
Standard (Optional) : Auto Pressure Cut off switch, Digital temperature indicator cum controller, Vacuum Breaker,
Water level Indicator, Auto self locking system, Auto low water cut off switch, moisture trap, multi port
Fully automatic (Optional) : PID Pushing system, HMI PLZ Based autoclave with data logger, digital pressure indicator
cum controller, digital temperature controlled system can be installed order.
Power Supply : 220/230 or 440 volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz AC supply