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Terms & Conditions

DELIVERY:  With in 10 – 15 days of acceptance of order  .

PAYMENT :100% Advance

MODE OF DESPATCH:  Cargo Service/Courier Service depending upon the size of  consignment or as desired by you.

OVERRIDING EFFECT: Any of the terms and conditions mentioned in your purchase order contrary to the terms and conditions mentioned in our quotation will be considered as null and void, and your placement of order will be considered as subject to the terms and conditions mentioned by us unless the variation has been accepted by us in writing.

FORCE MAJEURE: Under the conditions of force majeure which also includes strike, lockout, closure, riots, the delivery period mentioned here will automatically be suspended.In such an event, you will neither rescind the contract nor claim any compensation for damages. 


GST :  Extra as applicableJURISDICTION:  All transactions are subject to Kota Jurisdiction